Reimagining Business, Remapping Industries. Impact22.
Welcome to Impact22, where cutting-edge strategy meets global insight. We are a powerhouse of innovation, a collective of 65 exceptional minds hailing from the Said Business School's EMBA program at Oxford University. Impact22 spans 50 countries and thrives across 32 dynamic industries. We've transcended borders, boundaries, and business norms, fueled by an astounding 1000 years of combined experience.
With Impact22, leverage the power of a millennium's worth of combined experience, distilled into groundbreaking strategies that create an enduring impact.
At Impact22, we draw on a reservoir of over 1000 years of combined experience, diversified across 30 industries. Our collective wisdom is matched only by our track record of success, making us trusted architects of robust strategies that drive present victories and future growth.
Impact22 is a melting pot of unique backgrounds and perspectives, each shaped by the elite Said Business School at Oxford. This dynamic diversity drives our innovative problem-solving, delivering creative and effective solutions.
With a footprint across 50 countries, Impact22 offers truly global solutions. Our wide-reaching expertise ensures strategies that not only succeed locally but also resonate globally, setting the stage for international success.
What do we do?
VC and Investment Consultancy
Backed by our diverse collective of strategists and a millennium's worth of combined experience, we provide bespoke investment strategies, accelerate growth, and navigate the intricate world of venture capital with unwavering expertise.
  • Guiding venture capital navigation
  • Accelerating investment growth
  • Enabling investment partnerships
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Capacity & Venture Building
Through expert coaching and tailored strategies, we empower your team with transformative leadership skills, nurturing a culture of growth and progress.
  • Fostering leadership & organizational growth
  • Turning innovative ideas into successful ventures
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Global Market Entry and Expansion
We are your passport to global business success, offering solutions that transcend borders and bridge cultural gaps. With our wide-reaching expertise spanning 50 countries, we set the stage for international triumphs
  • Passport to global business
  • Enabling confident expansion
  • Guiding venture capital navigation
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How we can help
Impact22 navigates the intricate world of venture capital and investment for you. We provide insightful advice, facilitate smart investment decisions, and support your fundraising initiatives, fueling your venture's exponential growth
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Global Reach
Go global seamlessly. Our expert knowledge across 50 countries and diverse industries enables businesses to enter new markets confidently and expand sustainably.
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Venture Creation
As expert venture architects, Impact22 turns your innovative ideas into thriving businesses. From idea generation to market positioning, we offer holistic support to create robust, future-ready ventures.
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We're a singular band of     strategists, diverse yet united, revolutionizing the way we   see,    think, and   do business.               Welcome to a new paradigm
We are founders, directors, designers, vice presidents, marketing leads, entrepreneurs, consultants, and specialists tacking the complex fields of compliance, investments, risk management, intelligence, operations, innovation and business development.
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At Impact22, our team is a dynamic reflection of the visionary partners we collaborate with - a dedicated group of hungry overachievers with an unyielding thirst for success. Originating from diverse and humble backgrounds, many are driven immigrants, while others have forged their own ventures before joining our ranks. Each member embodies the entrepreneurial mindset, intimately familiar with the trials and triumphs of walking the path to greatness. Together, we unite in our passion for innovation, fueled by the relentless pursuit of transformative impact across 32 dynamic industries and 50 countries.
Value Creation
Launched Ventures
We’re spinning out  businesses,        writing big checks, solving problems and         inspiring change.

In the realm of global strategy, Impact22 stands tall as a powerhouse of innovation, a collective where cutting-edge ideas converge with profound global insights. Our team of 65 exceptional minds, all graduates of the prestigious Said Business School's EMBA program at Oxford University, brings forth an unparalleled blend of expertise and diversity.
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The baddest of them all, En Kelly rocks the keynote on Apple's Vision Pro
“This is just the beginning of how gaming on Vision Pro will evolve.” The new app store for the Mixed Reality headset should also see some VR and AR games experimenting with the device's hand and eye tracking.
Moss, Bharat and Julius just invest into events company Cigar&Cognac!
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Jeffrey Paine
Managing Partner
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Allison & Prajacta, Kartik, Daniel and Tarek just invested in SuperBase Inc!
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A breath of fresh air?!
The Said Business School installs a new innovative and sustainable AC technology to keep their cohorts fresh.